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Message from the Desk of Hawaii Wing 6th Cadet Training Group Commander - C/ Lt. Col Dana Surwill 

8 May 2023


I am C/ Lt. Col Dana Surwill and I am excited to be this yearʻs 6th Cadet Training Group Commander. As we pursue the 6th Cadet Training Group Summer Encampment,  together we will work towards creating forward-thinking leaders by challenging them to complete integral tasks utilizing their unique skill set during this year's summer encampment. 

During your week-long summer encampment, I along with your cadet leadership and training officers will challenge and stimulate your leadership and critical thinking skills, enhance the training you have received at your perspective squadrons, and shape and mold you into future leaders of our organization and communities.  Our encampment is one that strives to promote a positive environment for all to enjoy and have fun while gaining the necessary tools to assist in your pathway.  

As a cadet, I have stood in your shoes as a first-timer to an encampment. I have enjoyed the training I have gained throughout my years and continue to strive toward the Core Values of our organization.  As you progress, you too can aspire to do the good that we do for our organization, squadrons, and communities. 

I look forward to seeing you all at the 6th Cadet Training Group Summer Encampment 2023.


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