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From the desk of the Hawaii Wing Summer Encampment Commander, Lt Col Marlene Johnson

8 May 2023


Welcome to the 6th Cadet Training Group Summer Encampment. As you progress in your leadership and critical thinking skills, I hope with your experience you gain the necessary tools in your pathway as a cadet or senior member.  Our program which has an extensive history dating back to 1947, has progressively enhanced the goals in guidance and partnership with other encampments across the nation. There are going to be times at encampment that will challenge you to take what you have already learned through your perspective squadrons and apply them to your training.  I encourage you all to continue a positive pursuit through your interaction with the curriculum set forth by our encampment staff and national standards. 

Summer encampment is a place of positive enhanced learning that stimulates minds, inspired others, and leads to your growth in the Civil Air Patrol. During your training, remember that you will be on a schedule that is specifically laid out that will give you the tools you can bring back to your squadrons and apply them to mentor others as future leaders of our program. 

For the past 15 years since 2007, I have served with the Civil Air Patrol at various wing locations and I am currently with the Hawaii Wing at the Kona Composite Squadron. In my pursuit of joining the Civil Air Patrol, I initially joined to spend time with my niece who was a cadet who aspired to a career in the US Armed Forces. Serving in a variety of duties including Administrative Officer, Deputy Commander of Cadets, Squadron Commander, and in my current role as Director of Cadet Programs for the Hawaii Wing, I hope that your passions and pathway are ones that are positive and motivating.  

My true passion is shaping and modeling cadet members through our Cadet Programs which is why for the past 4 1/2 years as the Director of Cadet Programs I aspired to become the 6th Cadet Training Group Encampment Commander. In my role as the 2023 Hawaii Wing Encampment Commander, I will directly be responsible for and oversee the training, finances, and facility coordination associated with the event.

As a leader and mentor to many, I plan to execute an encampment plan that will mold future leaders of the Civil Air Patrol by collaborating with a diverse team of senior members and cadets to take on essential roles at the 2023 summer encampment.  This will support the goal and mission that Civil Air Patrol has set forth with encampments across the nation in providing a stepping stone for senior members and cadets to pursue their future growth with the organization. 

Once again, Hawaii Wing Summer Encampment will be one that will challenge, educate, and inspire you to use critical thinking and develop leadership skills, learn about aerospace education, commit to a habit of regular exercise, and live the Core Values of Civil Air Patrol.  Working together we can ensure a safe, positive, and enhancing experience like no other and I welcome you to the 6th Cadet Training Group Summer Encampment 2023. 

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