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Encampment Student Information 


   Open Date: Closing Date:
Hawaii Wing Cadets 8 May 2023 2 June 2023
Out-of-State Cadets 5 June 2023 20 June 2023



Students should have had a hearty meal prior to arrival at Hilo International Airport (ITO) / Lyman Field.

Students' arrival should be coordinated in advance in your application process including flight itinerary. 

Kilauea Military Camp is located on the Big Island (Hawaii Island); however, arrivals and check-in will be conducted at Lynman Field Squadron minutes away from Hilo International Airport. 


Upon completion of the summer encampment, students will be transported back to Lyman Field where processing will commence and students will be transported back to Hilo International (ITO) to their respective airline carriers for their return flights home. 


Code of Conduct:

The Safety of our members is paramount, and will not be compromised. 

The CAP Core Values will be honored at all times. 

The Chain of Command must be observed and respected, except in matters of safety. 

Hazing and Fraternization will NOT be tolerated. 

No alcohol, tobacco, or non-prescribed controlled substances are tolerated on the premises.

No weapons are tolerated on the premises. 

No gambling or objectionable reading material is allowed on the premises. 

Cadets will remain in their beds after lights out, except for emergencies and bathroom trips. 

Members will adhere to proper hygiene (showers, teeth, etc.) and uniform appearance. 

Proper sign-in and sign-out procedures must be observed.

If cell phones or electronic devices are brought to the encampment, they will be turned in during shakedown and returned to concluding the encampment

Cadets will, at no time, operate a motor vehicle while signed in. 

Cadets will not ride in vehicles, not operated by a designated and certified CAP licensed driver while signed in. 


Attending Encampment:

Cadets must have attained and completed their Achievement 1 Curry prior to applying for summer encampment. 


Cadet Protection Program Training:

Cadets over the age of 18 and Senior Members who wish to attend encampment must have completed CPPT (Cadet Protection Program Training).  

Important Resources:

CAPP 60-33 Drill and Ceremonies Manual

CAPR 39-1 Uniform Manual

CAPP 151 Respect on Display

CAPP 60-15 Cadet Protection Policy Implementation Guide



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